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August 15, 2020
Why UBWest
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Why Utility Billing West
Utility Billing West was developed working with property managers, regional managers and owners. In the development process we discovered many opportunities where we could save time and money over other billing companies. Here are a few examples...

1- We spend way to much time faxing over new move-ins and move-outs.

Solution: Utility Billing West created our system to integrate with your existing property management software making the process seamless.

2- We don't understand our inovice and are being charged fees that don't make sense.

Solution: Utility Billing West charges one flat rate based on the total bills sent.

3- It takes me all day to enter each billing amount for each resident.

Solution: Utility Billing West will import all charges due to each resident directly into your property management software.

4- We never have the pro-rated amounts for our move-outs when we need them.

Solution: Utiltiy Billing West has developed property specific logins to view information real time.